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How To Read Nutrition Facts

How To Read Nutrition Facts

Not all calories are the same. When people read nutrition facts they are stuck in the numbers, not the ingredients. Some have 100 calories but your body can't do anything with it. It's no wonder why Joule Bars has been a harder sell than I thought. 

When I started this journey on becoming a nutrition coach, I wanted to learn about what should we be looking for in a meal and what I quickly learned was it's not calorie counting. Which made sense because as of today i've worked with hundreds and helped thousands eat healthier and reach their goals. Never did I ask my clients to count calories. I just didn't believe that was the solution because I had personal experience on this.

You see my aunt (only 2-years younger than me) and I would eat the same amount of calories yet she gained weight and I didn't.


We later learned she had PCOS. This meant her body didn't breakdown glucose easily, her insulin hormone was just not working properly. So her body would store it as fat causing her to gain weight.

Here's what you should know about nutrition facts:

  • Not all calories are the same
  • Look at the measurements of other nutrients like fat, protein, carbs, sodium and sugar
  • Consider the ingredients. Is it real food? If so then your body can use it. Does it have added sugars
  • Not all fats are the same. For example Joule Bars has an average of 7grams of fat. We use MCT oil and of course the fats from the seeds --all good for cardio vascular health and brain health

Bottom line

If you are looking to lose weight, STOP! calorie counting and start nutrition counting. Eat a balance of fiber, protein, fats, carbs, vitamins, and minerals.



Joule Bars have up to 250 calories that your body will actual use as energy. It will not store. That was why it took me 11+ years to make. I knew this about women. They don't want anything that they thinik will make them fat. This bar will do the exact opposite.

You need a balance of fiber, fats, proteins all natural, no sugar added -- all combined to work through your gut, into your muscles, to your brain and out you a**.  Literally, that is what Joule Bars are made to do. STOP! calorie counting. STOP! Just STOP! Weight Watcher hasnt' worked for a million years. Why becasue it's all about the calories. Clients would tell me "I can eat a pizza on Weight Watchers. Just need to count my points"

How's that working for ya?

Are you ready to look at your nutriiton facts differently? The order your Joule Bars, Joule Fast, Joule Teas TODAY! It's all about the quality.