Gut-Friendly Recipes

The Flower Pot founder, Rebecca Kershberg invited me to do this interview for their e-commerce platform. Full disclosure, I was absolutely nervous! Although prior to the interview I had written my answers to her questions, when she began to ask me I was like a deer in headlights! I felt like I was babbling.

It was a collective group of funny, inspiring heart centered women who helped me get through this painful, yet inspiring experience.

Brooke @buddingmind

Mary Mary Jane's CBD Beauty

Thank you so much for thinking of me, for including me, and for inspiring me.

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Belly fat is something I’ve found clients struggled with at early ages like 24-25 and the older population who are in peri-menopause. Around 15% of the population have a disease causing them to have fat belly. My take on this is that most are suffering from poor gut health. There are so many reasons why the gut can be unhealthy, mainly due to lack of gut diversity which comes from our lifestyle.

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