Quick Gut-Reset Kit

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Quick Gut-Reset Kit Benefits:

  • D E T O X + Cleanse -  includes (3) Organic Herbal Teas (per day) and (2) Meal Replacement Bars (per day) Get the boost you need to jumpstart your weight-loss goals using Joule Goddess Fast Program. The combination of our powerful all natural ingredients are the perfect way to help achieve your wellness goals.
  • ORGANIC GUT HEALTH TEAS AND BARS – Joule Teas are 100% all natural, Free from non GMO, organic herbs . Our teas are made from 100% natural ingredients, no scary chemicals. K E T O and P A  LE O  friendly and perfect for intermittent fasting. And best of all Joule Teas taste healthy and tasty!
  • SUPPORTS WELLNESS GOALS - Joule Fast is specifically made to help kickstart a healthier gut-mind. Made with all natural ingredients like G i n g e r, MCT oil, C A S C A R A , and superfoods like mama and c a c a o. These NON GMO, all natural ingredients in Joule Fast supports fitness goals and best of all they taste homemade, fresh and satisfying with all natural flavors.
  • IMPROVE GUT-HEALTH - Enjoy less B L O A T I N G and Better D I G E S T I O N  with gentle cleansing. It has all the ingredients needed perfect for healthier di-gestion. Joule Bars are made with herbs, seeds and superfoods in G i n g e r  and C a c a o flavored and tastes great! Used in together with our TEAS, Joule Fast is the ultimate all natural gut-mind health combination.
  • WE’RE A BRAND YOU CAN TRUST – Joule Goddess is a USA company originally from NYC now in Malibu for over 12 years! We have been creating healthy products using an all natural approach to wellness, lifestyle, and nutrition.



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We are Joule Goddess Lifestyle: A gut-health company selling the only meal replacement Bar on the market that completes the Gut/Brain connection with 8-month shelf life no sugar added, gluten-free, all natural and with superfoods, turmeric and MCT oil. Do you currently carry protein or energy bars? Do you have a fasting kit that is portable, your clients can put in their bag and go?