Ginger Goji + Cacao Goji 16-Pack

Plant-based and Gluten-Free Ginger+Cacao Box

(8) "Fiery Focus" morning motivation Ginger Goji Bars and (8) "Earthy Energy" afternoon boost Cacao Maca Bars in one box.

Motivation Vibes: rise and grind with ginger goji goodness.

Ginger Goji: Ready for a high vibe wake-up call? Joule bar is a magical mix of ginger and goji for a sweet and fiery flavor. It's powered by turmeric's anti-inflammatory antioxidant-packed potency, nutrient-rich fennel, and plant-based protein from chia, hemp, pumpkin, sunflower, and flax seeds. Enjoy it as a meal replacement. This Goddess Got You.

Energetic Boost: revive and thrive with divinely delicious cacao coffee.

Cacao Maca. Want a brain reboot? The bittersweet meal replacement bar is filled with cacao, cascara (cherry coffee fruit filled with iron and protein) for better energy to help maximize productivity potential. 

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