Lifestyle and Nutrition Coaching - 60-minute session

We are a conscious living brand aligned with those making intentional choices seeking others who are re-evaluating their current existence. Our products and kits took over a decade to develop by Yvette Rose, an Internationally certified nutrition and health coach, along with scientist, practitioners and formulators -- made to support your wellness journey through the gut-mind connection

Now you can set up an appointment directly with our founder, Yvette Rose and learn more about what you need for your healthier gut-mind connection.

What's Included: One 60-minute session offering lifestyle and nutrition guidance for gut-mind health.

Post session you will get:

  • meal plan
  • worksheets include but not limited: Detox Your Kitchen, trigger Tracker
  • Gut Health 101 Workbook
  • Liver Detox Program
  • Hormone Balance Program


Credentials: Registered AADP Health Coach since 2009. 500hr yoga instructor, Certified Brain Health Coach, Reiki Healer, Breath work Practitioner, Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Lifestyle Coach, Personal Trainer, and Certified Advanced Dietary Supplement Advisor, Detox Specialist


Disclaimer: None of the statements in this email or website of Yvette Rose and Joulebody Goddess Lifestyle have been evaluated by the FDA, or any other government body. The opinions expressed, while based on scientific research and experience, are the personal opinions of Yvette Rose and may not adhere to current practices.

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