Science-backed secrets to health so you can live a life you love.

SuperSeed Bars +
SuperHerb Teas

Nutrient high superfoods because life is better when you feel better.

Patent-pending superfood blend of nutrient-rich superseeds + superherbs

We believe in the power of food and that mother nature is our greatest resource to naturally fuel our mind, body, and soul. 

Had too much of a good thing?

Feeling heavy, tired or bloated? Lacking energy? 98% of our customers strongly agree that integrating JouleBody products into their daily routine has transformed their mind-body health.

Always Plant-Based, Vegan, No Sugar Added, All Natural, No Nuts + Gluten-Free 

Meet Our Founder

Yvette Rose is a holistic mind-body healer who transforms your health and empowers your inner-goddess.  A well-known celebrity wellness guru, nutrition coach and herbalist she has spent decades selecting the highest quality, purest, most ethically sourced superfoods to create nutrient dense foods and teas to cleanse, heal and restore your mind+body. Yvette ignited the modern healthy cleanse and reset revolution long before it was trendy with her first multi-million dollar company, Joulebody Cleanse + The Happy Cleanse, in New York City. 

"I believe the journey to a better life starts with a body that feels better. That’s why I study with the best holistic mind-body healers and find the best ingredients to provide you with better choices to help your body cleanse, heal and be nourished… Because life is better when you feel better."

- Yvette Rose, Founder, JouleBody

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